Network Solution

Network Solution

Server OS

With the growth in the number of enterprises and computing environment that require a client-server technology, the need for a robust and secure Server OS has increased manifold.

While most other operating systems provide the basic features at a high price, you can expect from us a good and complete system at the same price having more than enough features. Our operating system provides a secure environment based on several layers of data encryption which is essential for an enterprise environment.

The network configuration services provided by this OS are highly advanced and provide a secure gateway for communication.

This OS also provides a unique administrative panel for monitoring all the client systems.

This operating system also provides specific permission and rights to the clients based on the terms specified by the administrator. It gives the administrator full control and flexibility to monitor and manage all computers connected to the server.

Installing & configuring a Server is time to think about the technologies and applications deployed inside the corporate. It’s a good time to introduce new technologies and services to require the business forward. WTSComnet have the experience to advise you on appropriate resolution.

There no single resolution that matches all customers. We have a tendency to believe every company has individual necessities; our toughened server specialists can analyze your desires and advises a Server resolution that’s right for your business going forward. They’ll additionally offer you with choices that will facilitate your business.

Server Installation Services

We can physically install the server resolution that meets your business desires. This might embody coming up with the layout of your server space or knowledge centre still as fixing the servers and linking them to your network, putting in the entire required software package and configuring settings to induce them operational. We have worked with many other clients as server installation companies.

Server Configuration Services

We can configure the server as per your requirement with fully assembled features. We’ll customize and setup the hardware according to your specification and test all installed components. A healthy server could be a happy server. Anyone who operates a small business is aware of what headaches and doubtless pricey expenses will arise once servers fail. As the central system of your enterprise, your server keeps all parts and departments, as well as your email, your operation systems, a spread of files and varied processes, connected and running seamlessly.

Our team of IT experts also provides you the solution for Linux server configuration, Windows server installation, windows server maintenance etc.

WTScomnet already have worked with number of clients for providing server installation services & server configuration services as per the client requirement. For more information regarding any Large & Small server support; call us and get all the satisfactory information.