Network Solution

Network Solution


Switching is the intelligent alternative to the hub model.

It exists in multiple layers of the ISO-OSI model of computer networks and works by transferring frames of data on a network backbone while following the CSMA – Carrier Sensing Multiple Access Protocol suite to detect and/or avoid collisions.

Based on the layer they work in, data link or network, switching technologies are called as circuit and packet or layer 2 and layer 3 switching respectively. While layer 2 switching is based on the MAC address of the receiving device, Layer 3 switching is based only on the IP address of the receiver.

While not so popular, layer 4 switching works by differentiating information based on the application layer protocol that they are using such as the HTTP, FTP or UDP. The technology that combines layer 2, 3 and 4 is called multilayer switching. Based on how the path of transmission is selected and/or used, switching technologies have also been classified into circuit switching and packet switching technologies. Wtscomnet has certified experts in the field of switching. Our experts offer feasible and optimal solutions to all switching problems and implement the best networks.