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Network Solution

H-2-H Network Solution

For over 10 years, Winner Technology has been providing quality products and installation of reliable wiring solutions for today’s ever changing networking environment. We follow industry standards for seamless local, regional, and national products, services and safety. We can ensure that all of your structured cabling, security, and audio visual needs will be met with the latest technology and an on-going commitment to top-quality products, installation and customer satisfaction.

Our skilled techs will accommodate your needs; large call centers, small to medium business, even homes. We have grown by client referrals and relationships built from involvement and sponsorship of community programs, churches and charities. When you need network cabling, abatement, VoIP, internal paging, fiber optic, voice and data network cabling, audio/video cabling, security system installation or wireless networking, thanks for considering Custom Cabling Services. Connectivity:- We are having all Solution for Connecting 2 Host from any point to point location , including UTP , Coaxial , Fiber Cabling Solution , Wireless Solution , VSAT Solution for Lan and Wan Domain

Structured cabling services that wire you for success

Structured Cabling installations done right – on time, on budget, and on your terms. For more than 10 years, Winner Technology has been linking customers to new revenue streams, plugging you in to valuable marketing opportunities and wiring you for a more streamlined business with a bigger bottom line. Without the right partner, your network installation can cause a big disconnect. Problems like ballooning budgets, shoddy schedules, and poor planning raise your total cost of ownership and damage your business.

Dedicated to Your Business Success

At Winner Technology, deep industry understanding and expertise providing structured cabling system solutions and technology implementations are key elements in how we serve and support our clients. Having the experience by industry means a lot less surprises and a better customer experience.

Our sales, project management, and technical teams keep up-to-date with cabling standards and trends in your industry, so that we can better understand your business requirements and processes. Because of this, we are able to tailor structured cabling solutions to address your specific pain points and objectives. If you are looking for a partner with a relationship built on knowledge and experience – that comes from a focus on your business, choose Winner Technology for your structured cabling services needs.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the umbrella term for various connectivity technologies used within-the-campus or within-the-building.

These technologies vary based on the type of devices that have to be connected and the type of service they’re expected to offer.

Structured cabling is hence divided into six categories or “subsystems” as they are called in the industry.

The first such subsystem is called “entrance facility” – deals with the cabling of the enterprise where the telephone line provided by the ISP ends. It is then followed by the “equipment room”, where all the cabling used by the different nodes inside the campus or the building comes to meet. Then we have the “backbone cabling” which deals with all the cabling between entrance facilities and equipment rooms and “horizontal cabling” which deals with connecting multiple nodes on the same floor or work area. To join backbone and horizontal cabling, we have what are known as “telecommunications rooms”. Finally, “work area components” help in interconnecting different end user equipment through horizontal cabling systems. Wtscomnet has experts in the field of networking hardware and specializes in all six subsystems of structured network cabling.

Be it a Local Area Network (LAN), a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or a Wide Area Network (MAN), Wtscomnet can offer solutions to all connectivity issues.


Switching is the intelligent alternative to the hub model.

It exists in multiple layers of the ISO-OSI model of computer networks and works by transferring frames of data on a network backbone while following the CSMA – Carrier Sensing Multiple Access Protocol suite to detect and/or avoid collisions.

Based on the layer they work in, data link or network, switching technologies are called as circuit and packet or layer 2 and layer 3 switching respectively. While layer 2 switching is based on the MAC address of the receiving device, Layer 3 switching is based only on the IP address of the receiver.

While not so popular, layer 4 switching works by differentiating information based on the application layer protocol that they are using such as the HTTP, FTP or UDP. The technology that combines layer 2, 3 and 4 is called multilayer switching. Based on how the path of transmission is selected and/or used, switching technologies have also been classified into circuit switching and packet switching technologies. Wtscomnet has certified experts in the field of switching. Our experts offer feasible and optimal solutions to all switching problems and implement the best networks.


Routing is the process of selecting the best path for sending packets (a unit of information) over the network.

What initially began on public telephone systems globally has now become an essential part of the global telecommunications network – the internet.

There are chiefly five types of delivery mechanisms in routing – any cast, broadcast, geo cast, multicast and unicast.

They differ by the number, type and location of the receiving nodes of a particular or a group of packets.

There exist multiple routing protocols such as the Routing Information Protocol (RIP – Version 1 and 2), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) and BGP (Boundary Gateway Protocol).

Protocols work by using the primitive link-state and distance vector algorithms. Every routing protocol is bound by three essential attributes, the length of the prefix, the metric (a measure unique to each protocol) and the administrative distance.

These attributes play different roles in helping the router select the best path and the best (out of the available) protocol. Wtscomnet has certified experts in the field of routing. All our experts are well trained and have at least CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Associate level certification. WTS helps in planning and implementing the best possible networks for your organization.


IT security is increasing in effect with the development of Ethernet-based networking and the risks of possible cyber-attacks in an automatic system are much higher than attacks on office networks and that is why network security is very crucial.

Security is a method to limit illegal access, information theft, network ill-usage, and device and data modification, secure transfer while working over the network.

Another role of Network Security is in countering DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and securing communication service for authorized network users.

Network Security includes proactive protection methods and mechanisms to guard data, network and network tools from internal and external threats and to Implement Security, Various methods are available in the market.

We cannot neglect security in the crucial areas like banks, insurance, markets, telecommunication as the complexity of the systems and the networks are growing, vulnerabilities are also growing and the job of securing the networks is becoming more complicated.

The goal of network security is essential to limit loss, by misuse of data as data is the most valuable factor of today’s markets. And to do so we have all Security Resolutions for any sort of Network Infrastructure Application for LAN or WAN environment.


VoIP (voice over IP) is the communication of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

It is a technology that enables you to do voice calls utilizing a broadband Internet connection rather than a general or analog telephone line.

VoIP encapsulates audio through a codec into data packages, carries them over an IP network and UN-encapsulates them back into audio at the other point of the connection.

Conventional telephony applications, such as inbound IVR applications and outbound call centre applications, usually can be worked on VoIP.

A broadband of fast Internet association is required. This should be possible by a link modem or rapid administrations, for example, DSL or a local area network. A PC, connector, or specific telephone is required.

A portion of the VoIP benefits just work over your workstation or a specific VoIP telephone, while different administrations empower you to deal with a customary telephone joined to a VoIP connector. Phone service through VoIP costs less than similar service from conventional sources.

VoIP makes things easy that are challenging to impossible with conventional phone networks. Incoming calls are automatically mapped to your VoIP telephone where ever you ram it into the network .Call centre operators can efficiently work from any place using VoIP phones with a reliable Internet connection.

Client Os

The Client Operating System is the method that operates on computer desktops and multiple compact devices.

It is End user operating Systems like Windows; it is holding several Configuration or Agreeable concerns when Connect to Network and this method is distinct from centralized servers as it only maintains a particular user. Smartphone’s and small PC devices are capable of supporting client operating systems.

The method is effective to operate various elements of the device like printers, monitors, and cameras.

All computers usually have a particular sort of operating system. Some PCs have the capacity to accommodate many operating systems. That is described as dual boot configuration. When a PC is originated in this way, it can be set up to operate a particular appliance for all operating system configurations.

This enables versatility for software that is intended for a special operating system. When somebody has two operating systems, they can have access to more complex software applications. On using telecommunication software, various functional PCs are capable of connecting to intermediate servers on the Internet.

These servers operate various different social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Operating systems for these servers are usually varied than local client systems.

These PCs don’t require operating system adaptability as they share data with selective network software.

Server OS

With the growth in the number of enterprises and computing environment that require a client-server technology, the need for a robust and secure Server OS has increased manifold.

While most other operating systems provide the basic features at a high price, you can expect from us a good and complete system at the same price having more than enough features. Our operating system provides a secure environment based on several layers of data encryption which is essential for an enterprise environment.

The network configuration services provided by this OS are highly advanced and provide a secure gateway for communication.

This OS also provides a unique administrative panel for monitoring all the client systems.

This operating system also provides specific permission and rights to the clients based on the terms specified by the administrator. It gives the administrator full control and flexibility to monitor and manage all computers connected to the server.

All types of network communication are supported. You can easily use your wired or wireless broadband services to connect to the internet using a secure gateway. Overall, it is a completely secure and sophisticated environment for client administration. The support for this OS is provided by our company and this is the latest release from us. Regular updates will be provided for security patches.

Data Centre

In this era of growing IT requirements, a data centre is one of the most suited facilities to manage computer systems, telecom systems and storage components.

We provide complete data centre solutions including backup power, proper environment installed with air conditioning systems and fire control systems and security solutions.

We also provide proper security of data and complete management and monitoring of systems.

We have advanced hardware and software solutions to provide good management options for your data.

Our data centre solutions are one of the best in the world with complete solutions for network application including LAN, WAN and wireless broadband services. Our data centres are equipped with the latest automation systems and security controls to provide you with the best in class facilities.

Our technicians and experts are trained personnel from world class institutes and provide the best assistance for every aspect. We also provide support systems for all types of technical as well as security systems.

Our data centre also supports updated implementations of systems which allow the clients to have the best of the solutions. We have several satisfied clients because of the facilities and services we provide to them. Our prices suit the types of features you want to have in a data centre. Our after-sales support provides all types of assistance to the clients.

Security Surveillance

Security surveillance is one of the most important aspects of safety, monitoring and security in every organization.

The need for security surveillance has increased with the rise in the need for security in different types of organizations. In large organizations, it becomes difficult to manage and monitor any type of action occurring within the organization.

Security surveillance solutions are a good way to manage the entire organization by sitting at one place. We provide one of the best security surveillance solutions which span from security cameras to IP configuration and network detectors. Our systems can also be used to intercept electronic transmissions which are useful for phone tapping and recording.

Our security solutions also include intelligent systems which can detect any type of pre-programmed action and act accordingly. We also provide security drones and security robots which can work in any type of environment and provide sensitive data. Our security control software provides proper administration.

Our alarm systems are helpful in complex environments to provide instant reflexes to avoid any type of losses.

We provide all the basic services like CCTV camera and IP camera to track suspicious actions and movements. Our GPS tracking tool is also useful for tracking the location of any type of vehicle or devices. We also provide support for our services and our expert technicians provide test installations to provide you with an insight of our services. Our security solutions are widely accepted and are certified and tested by government laboratories. 
We provide affordable and robust solutions.