Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Data Collection

Field data collection may be a complicated method that always needs numerous time, money, and people. Deploying your survey within the field effectively won’t solely facilitate save these resources, however it will additionally create your knowledge a lot of reliable.

The wide scope of survey teams allows us to meet any data collection need, to maintain total control over the quality of data and to assemble efficient and effective teams for various projects. We have an experience of conducting national studies that cover most of district in India within a very limited period of time without compromising on the quality of the data.

Data Collection Services

Through our superior quality and cost-effective Data Collection Services, we serve numerous industry verticals like legal, financial, insurance, real estate, marketing, healthcare, research, hospitality, commercial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, and many more. We also provide database selling services for each type of requirement. Our Data Collection Services will help you in capturing data in any language and format. We collect data through variety of sources, utilizing different types of methods of research practices. As per our record & customer reviews & ratings, we have become top database provider companies in India.

Quality Data Collection: Quantitative & Qualitative Methods, Use of technology, Skilled Field teams across the country, We offer our Multilingual Data Collection Solutions to clients around the country, We customize results for every category of project and all forms of budget.

Field data collection: Door-to-Door Interviewing, Detailed/ In-depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Street- and Mall-Intercepts.

Data Entry Services

The need for data entry services has mature worldwide, with increasing digitization of documents and generation of information in numerous forms. it’s become important for businesses to make sure the accuracy, dependability, and quality of data for vital business decision making. The regular management of big volumes of information, generated from invoices, documents, fax, bills, receipts, purchase orders, and others, could be a challenge for all businesses, needing long and cost-efficient solutions.

Data entry services India outsourcing, particularly off shoring, has emerged as a preferred measure over the years. This provides a cheap and reliable method of guaranteeing that data entry is carried out with the very best attention to accuracy.

WTSComnet provides made-to-order data entry services tailored to the necessities of various industries.

Online data entry services: Our team of online data entry professionals empowers you to extend operational potency, and especially save data entry budgets. WTSComnet could be a domain specialist for data entry companies in India with the experience to produce best-in-class information entry services like data processing, processing, image process, spreadsheets, type process, and many more.

Ecommerce data entry services: We believe that associate e-commerce website is simply as good because the platform it’s supported. We tend to focus on understanding the distinctive data entry necessities of our shoppers together with product information management, the creation of distinctive identifiers, premium quality product pictures, interesting product descriptions, etc. Our wide-ranging e-commerce data entry services are contributive to the success of e-tailors round the globe.

Data Analytics Services

WtsComnet Market Intelligence may be a international analytics and insights provider that helps firms realize a 360-degree read of their customers through information integration and a multidisciplinary approach enabling a sound, data-driven business choices.

We offer solutions in market effectiveness, market intelligence, and digital transformation and have an analytics center of excellence. Promoting effectiveness is obtainable through integrated promoting activity; individuals primarily based promoting and reassuring sale effectiveness. we offer digital analytics consulting whereas the analytics center of excellence includes analytics cloud infrastructure, big data engineering, business intelligence and visualization, advanced information sciences, machine learning, and computer science.